make the unsighted seen

Turn the perspicacity up!

The only true pristine guidance I can truly and completely rely on is my own inner light; nothing more and nothing less. Anything external, doesn’t matter how generous and reliable it may look like, doesn’t have the quality of trust like an internal instinct which serves to lead towards the right direction.

Many things in our society are falling apart. We live a huge illusion that has been imposed on to us eons ago. Awareness of enormous potential that we as humans possess in our essence, strategically, has been taken away from us during a long periods of time. We are not born on this beautiful planet to be slaves to some artificially created system. Our birth right that we gained by our very existence has been repressed and we’ve been blinded so badly that we can’t even see it any more.

Wrong values have been imposed on to us. We’ve been completely alienated from nature, our mother. They managed to divide us, while in essence, it is impossible to do something like that ,as we and nature are one and the same. Out of nature we came and back to nature we go. We are part of natures creation that can’t be separated but they’re still artificially trying to keep us divided that way. ….and we beLIEve in such a nonsense separation.

They took our language. They erased our memory. They programmed our psyche in the way that suits them. The only thing they still didn’t manage to take away from us is our internal feeling which is able to recognize the truth; our internal light that illuminates us from within, our inner fire that keeps us warm and that protects us from all the fake external influences, no matter how flattering and attractive any may looked like.

Do not allow your inherent inner fire to be extinguish ! Let it enlighten your path in these harsh times of our existence.

They are poisoning us through so many different and varied sources while trying to take that flame away off us, but this is the battle they will not win. We are finally awakening after many millennia long sleep. Slowly our eye lids are opening and once when they completely open up all illusions will dissolve into the dust.

Turn the perspicacity up my friends! Look at the reality around you for what really is. It’s time to take back what by sovereign birth right belongs to us…….. !


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  1. Vladimir Nikolic


    July 11, 2013 at 1:58 pm

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