make the unsighted seen

Only then when we are able to identify the problem from within the root of its core, problem will lose its power over us

Ignoring the cause of the problem while having all of our attention focused only on the symptoms is one of the main reasons why we’re constantly spinning in a circle led by the same pattern. Applying bandages to a wound is only a temporary solution that doesn’t give great results in the long run. There is only a certain number of times that we can put a patch on the fabric until it crumbles. As long as we make a conscious decision to break through the symptoms of illusion and grapple with the real source of the problem, it will be impossible to see any positive progress.

I had situations when certain people would come to me asking me “why I’ve been focusing so much on negativity in our society; why I’ve been “feeding” it.” Well, I’m aware how topics such as terrorism, war, poverty, social injustice, corruption, environmental issues, etc are not very pleasant for some “sensitive” souls out there who are looking at the world through rose colored glasses, but unfortunately the reality that we live in today is not a waltz, though some “positives” are trying to present and/or perceive it in such a way.

Dealing with the symptom without having an urge to detect its cause will not bring the solution to the problem. Only when the decision for deep studying and research has emerged, which will result with drawing the facts into the clear whole, will give the real picture of what’s going on with the world today.

To have a broad knowledge about the causes of all the negative “symptoms” which are appearing frequently on the surface of this living organism that we call Earth, is the only way to confront and cleverly dismantle the one who are manipulating our reality. Without doing the homework ourselves we can’t expect positive changes.

Only then when we are able to identify the problem from within the root of its core, problem will lose its power over us. It’s impossible to fight against the demons until we actually distinguish them.

And as long as we are not able to identify the real cause of the conflicts in our society we’ll keep relying on ineffective bandages, while “symptoms” will continue to repeat themselves over and over again…..


One response

  1. Rupert

    It’s a tough road to travel but the only real dignified and noble option that we have.

    July 11, 2013 at 4:09 pm

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