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NUMEROLOGY/SYMBOLISM – the study of the occult significance of numbers/the use of symbols to express things (by Steve Gamble)

Numbers are vibrational energy. We can use numerology to determine our ‘number’ or our vibration by appointing numbers to the letters of our name, totaling them up until they become a single digit. We can do the same with our birth dates, such as 01/01/59, which could be totaled as 1 + 1 + 5 +9 = 16 and 1 + 6 = 7. Here, we would be a seven vibration. We could then find out how this might be significant in relation to our personality, character and so forth.

We appear to be fascinated by the number nine in particular because everywhere we look we find it is presented or represented somewhere in the physical aspect of creation. A very interesting point about the number nine is it always becomes itself. It cannot be anything else. Multiply nine by anything and add up the digits and they will always come back to nine. E.g. 9 x 9 = 81. 8 + 1 = nine. Or take, 9 x 219 = 1971. 1 + 9 + 7 + 1 = 18 and 1 + 8 = nine; and so on. The number nine will always come back to itself. Just like a circle. What is even more interesting about numbers, is when we add together one through eight, we get 36. 3 + 6 = 9, nine again. We then add one through nine (1 + 2 + 3 + 4 +5 +6 +7 +8 +9) together and we get 45. 4 + 5 = 9, yet again nine. So it would appear that nine is the culmination of all the other numbers one through eight.

In ancient times, the cycle of the Earth around the Sun was a perfect 360 days. They therefore calculated the year as 360 days  – 12 months of 30 days [and/or 36 weeks of 10 days]. Until the seventh and eighth centuries BC, calendars from around the globe recorded the 360 day cycle but suddenly, we find in this period, that calendars began adding days to both the length of the year and to the months to try and re-synchronize the calendar with the solar and lunar cycles (detailed in the fascinating book Worlds In Collision by I Velikovsky). It has been postulated that the misalignment may have been due to one or more cataclysmic events such as the Earth passing through the tail of a comet which caused the path curve of the earth and/or its velocity to alter. This could be the reason why the number nine in numerology has also been associated with natural disasters such as floods.

However, we do retain this ancient order in geometry because we still divide a circle (the ancient symbol for the Sun) into 360 segments called degrees. 360° numerologically is 3 + 6 + 0 = 9. Therefore, this is a nine number.

If we, therefore, apply this method of numerology to other geometric shapes we get interesting results. The diamond is four lots of 90°, which equals 360°; nine again. The square is the same, nine. The equilateral triangle is 60° + 60° + 60°,  = 180°: 1 + 8 + 0 = 9, another nine. If we look at the pentagram, five lots of 36°: = 180°; another nine. The hexagram (Star of David) = 360°: the same story, a nine. We could go on and on.

The hexagram is particularly interesting in relation to the circle, the sun and the nine. In ancient times, the hexagram within the circle was used as a symbol of the zodiac cycle. The sun was seen as the centre of the circle which, due to the six-pointed star pattern, is surrounded by 12 divisions – the 12 houses of the zodiac. In Sumerian times, the zodiac was based on the Earth’s precessional cycle of 25,920 years – again a nine. The precessional cycle is the length of time the Earth takes to ‘wobble’ around its axis. Just like a spinning top which is tilted to one side, the Earth’s central axis is tilted towards or away from the sun and takes that length of time for one revolution of this tilt to return to its former position. During which time, the constellations of the heavens will slowly move backward across the sky to new positions according to the view from the Earth.

The Sumerians divided the precessional period into 12 equal parts of 2,160 (360-day) years, which is of course a nine number. The Sumerians used a base-sixty form of measurement rather than base-ten – the decimal – to calculate time as it works perfectly with the 360-day calendar. It is from the Sumerian influence that we divide our clocks into 60 minutes and 60 seconds, which gives a very harmonious interplay between minutes, hours, the circle of 360, the solar and lunar cycles and the larger zodiac cycles.

We are more familiar, today, with the annual cycle of the zodiac which arises from the 12 divisions – the months – of the year which are used to calculate the horoscope, based upon the position of the rapidly shifting constellations which move across the sky when viewed from the Earth.

1080 is the average number of human breaths drawn per hour, another nine. 1080 is also linked with the energy of The Mother, in her various forms as Diana etc., and the lunar energy. Interestingly the radius of the Moon is 1080 miles. Amazingly, the Moon has always been associated with the colour of Silver, whose atomic weight is 108 – nine yet again!  If we look at the number 666 – the sum of the numbers 1-36 (nine) – to some people it represents the Devil, the Mark of the Beast. The Book of Revelation relates this number to the Apocalypse, which is again linked to natural disasters. Could this be what is encoded in the Book of Revelation? Some numerological memory of the instability of the Earth and its vulnerability to outside forces, such as may have altered the ancient 360 day cycle in the pre-Judaic times? To other people, however, this number represents the energy of the Father, the Solar Energy. If we add 1080 and 666 together they equal 1746, which to some represents the Grail, the Seed and the Vessel, the totality of creation. A nine number. 1746 is also deemed by some as being related to the Earth’s Electromagnetic Grid.

Another notable nine number – 72 – is the average number of heartbeats per minute, the number of stones of the pyramid of the Freemasonic Great Seal of the American Dollar. Cabbalists have various ways of writing the name of God, Yod Heh Vav Heh. One of them consists of a triangle in which the name is written in blazing letters. The numerical value of Yod is ten, that of Heh five and that of Vav six.  The sum of the numerical value of the letters in the triangle is seventy-two (72) and seventy-two is the number of the Shem hamephorash (translated as the ‘explicit name’), the seventy-two angels that govern the universe. [ Mikhael Aivanhov – Cosmic Balance, published by Prosveta S.A. – B.P.12 – 83601 Frejus CEDEX (France)]. 72, therefore, is the Cabbalistic number for the Names or Powers of God and is said in Cabbalistic tradition, for that very reason, to be the number represented by the Star of David (hexagram), which we have already seen is fundamentally connected to the geometry and numerology of the cosmic cycles that are based upon nine.

186,282 is the maximum speed of light in miles per second, which represents the fastest speed achievable in the physical universe. There are 4,320,000 years in the Mahayuga, the Hindu cosmic time cycle. Both nine numbers. We have a gestation period of nine months for a human birth, surely a clear indication of nine being symbolically representative of the physical aspect of creation Moreover, within our solar system there are nine physical planets in orbit around their spiritual centre – the sun.

Taking the concept of geometry into three dimensions, there are only five regular solids – known as the ‘Platonic solids’ – which are the only five regular three-dimensional geometric forms which can be fitted inside a sphere. These are:

Cube                                       Total faces                            6

Angles per face                    90×4 = 360

Total angles of all faces      2160 (24×90) = nine

Icosahedron                           Total faces                            20

Angles per face                    60×3 = 180

Total angles of all faces      3600 (60×60) = nine

Octahedron                            Total faces                            8

Angles per face                    60×3 = 180

Total angles of all faces      1440 (24×60) = nine

Tetrahedron                           Total faces                            4

Angles per face                    60×3 = 180

Total angles of all faces      720 (12×60) = nine

Dodecahedron                       Total faces                            12

Angles per face                    108×5 = 540

Total angles of all faces      6480 (60×108) = nine

Can we now begin to understand Man’s intellectual fascination with geometric shapes and the numbernine in particular? This obsession is represented in many of the ways Man has attempted to explain existence itself and the way he has attempted to and succeeded in controlling people. We also have the 144,000 Children of Israel on Mt. Zion mentioned in the Bible, which again adds up to nine and the 144,000, the ‘chosen’ few who will be ‘saved’. In the New Age movement we see the number nineappears in the form of symbols, the merkaba (star tetrahedron) and allegedly superior forms of beings, such as the Council of Nine and other channelled beings.

Bruce Cathie2 speculated that all the mathematical evidence so far indicates that the maximum number of elements (matter) to be found in the universe will be 144, nine.

Nine has always been the focus of Man himself and the ego consciousness, which drives him, because most people only choose to see physically and understand intellectually. After all are we not taught from a very early age in most societies to be intellectual rather than spiritual? Therefore, what we observe intellectually all about us becomes ‘all that is’ to our ego, and all around us is based upon the numbers of 1-9 – the end result of creation, matter, the physical aspect.

Let us go back to Egyptian times. This was the time when Man decided through his ego, which of all the ‘Gods’ were to be the greatest. Thus Man created the Ennead, which represented a group of nine of the most important Egyptian deities. Ennead is from the Greek word for nine and Enneads are also envisaged as being a judgement council, both in mythology and historical inscriptions. This is the derivation of the so-called Council of Nine as documented in the best-selling book ‘The Only Planet of Choice’. Is this not the old Illusion again, but wearing a different hat? Control and manipulation of the truth again? Is it no more than religion repeating itself?

Nine is made up of and contains all the other numbers or all the other vibrations and would appear to be represented in many geometrical shapes. As mentioned in part one, on an energy level of creation, the level of the Ahnu (ether/spirit), Nature does not work in angles. Only in the physical world where the ether/energy/spirit animates matter, do we see these geometric shapes form. Geometric shapes are what Man sees and perceives with his intellect as being the source of creation, when they merely represent the end result. Can we assume for simplicity that all the numbers one to nine are different vibrations, as numerology would have us believe? Can we further assume that all the numbers, or vibrations, which make up the nine, are, therefore, all the various vibrations of the universe in a physical sense? That is the inert part – matter – the 0.0001% of who and what everything is, as Bruce Cathie speculated?

Accepting this, we can also accept that the physical and the intellect can go no further because once it becomes nine we know it will only keep on repeating itself. The vibration of nine is the limit of physical creation; just as the speed of light – a nine – is the limit of speed in the physical universe. Could this be therefore, the number of Man in a physical and intellectual sense? This is what the Book of Revelation tells us – that 666 (nine) is the number of (a) man. Therefore the number of the Beast is the number of Man; that is, Man is confined by the number to being a beast – i.e. to expressing the baser aspects of the self. Nine is the limit of the ego, the limit of the intellect. Nine is a vibrational prison, as it can be no other than what it is, a vibration which keeps repeating itself and like the speed of light cannot be physically or intellectually transcended.

Is this why we keep making the same mistakes over and over again? Because we have become locked into our intellect and we are becoming more like machines than the integrated, loving and totally interconnected consciousness we truly are? Similar to the goldfish in a bowl swimming around in continuous circles? Can we understand how Man has become so fascinated by and locked into the number nine, and therefore mathematics and geometric shapes? Man continues to use mathematics and geometry to express his understanding of the deeper workings of Nature and the Cosmos and forgets, or is not allowed to remember they are merely a symbolic representation of hidden truths.


So what feeds the nine (matter)? We know from open-minded physicists that ether (spirit) animates matter. If nine (including the numbers 9 down to 1) is representative of the whole of the physical aspect of creation, something has to be responsible for creating and animating it. For the answer to this we need to go back to the circle and it is here we can discover Man’s ‘missing link’. We know the circle is a nine number and that nine can only ever be itself, so nine must be represented somewhere within the circle. This leaves us with two possibilities for looking at how the circle is made up. We can divide the circle by eight, which would give us eight segments of 45° degrees, preserving the nine. However, eight is a lower vibration than nine, so I believe we need to divide the circle by the number greater than nine – TEN – to give ten segments of 36°, 3+6=9. We now have ten aspects of nine making up the circle, which is also nine. So the aspect of nine repeating itself is preserved. 10 x 9 = 90, 9 + 0 = 9.

See symbolic representation above. This introduces us to another number, the number ten. If we now add one through nine and finally add Ten, we have 45 + 10 = 55, 5 + 5 = 10! It appears that nine cannot exist without Ten. Because we know that ether feeds matter, then ether feeds nine from within, from beyond nine. Numerically speaking, here we see that 10 comes from ‘above’ nine and would seem to be the transcendent number of 9. (Could this be where the axiom ‘As Above So Below’ originates from? Is this why we have had this simple inversion of truth expressed upon us because once again we have taken this symbolic representation too literally?). From this example we need ten for the nine and all it is composed of to exist in the first place. It would appear ten creates and animates all of the other vibrations, one to nine, the physical aspect of creation. Without ten we cannot have nine or anything below it.

Symbolically, ten has been represented by the symbol ;. Interestingly the symbolic representation for the Sun – fire/spirit – is also ;. If we ask the question ‘what feeds the nine?’ in relation to our solar system, we see that the Sun feeds the nine planets with energy. The Sun is the 10th body at the centre of our solar system. The 10 feeds the 9. In some ancient cultures, 10 was held as the sacred number which should not be written down. It was therefore often written as two lots of 5. This indicates that far back in antiquity, our ancestors had a profound understanding of the nature of the interconnected order of the Universe and the role numbers play in that cosmic order.

Due to our tendency towards the externalisation of perception, we have intellectualised over the years that the symbol ; must therefore refer to the physical Sun, which we see with our physical eyes, and so we have continued to look outside into this physical reality for the answers to our spirituality. We know this is an error because we know that spirit resides within. Also, because as physicists will tell us, everything comes from within not from without. The natural flow of Creation works from in to out and it is the ether/spirit/fire, which animates matter – from within. The symbol ;, the ten, the sun/fire/spirit is the 99.999% of who and what we are.  This symbol ; has, therefore, always been a symbolic representation of the inner Sunour inner Sun, our fire within, the inner flame, the Spirit, the energy source, which supports all life.

It is no coincidence that both the ten and the sun/fire/spirit are symbolically represented as being one and the same. Numerologically speaking, the vibration of the inner Ten which creates everything is the Spirit, Ether, the inner sun and the inner fire, which creates life and animates matter and animates all the other numbers (vibrations of matter), so we can experience the physical reality we have created.

Ten, being the Source of all there IS, the Oneness of Everything must, therefore, be represented in the physical aspect of creation in order for it to experience itself. After all, what exists outside of us is merely a reflection of what lies within. Ten/spirit must be represented somewhere within physical reality, otherwise there would be no physical reality at all. And it is. Symbolically, the male energy is a linear energy, a ‘flatliner’ as I call it, and works in straight lines like this: — or like this: l, and when viewed from its end this energy becomes a dot ·, whereas the female energy is circular O, or three dimensionally a globe or perfectly round ball. On an energy level, balance between the male and female aspect results in the perfect vortex of energy; energy spinning both ways and exploding and imploding all at the same time. The female energy – the ‘globe or ball’ – is ‘pulled’ in towards its horizontal center by the male linear energy, forming what we would recognise today as the ‘infinity symbol’ or the figure of eight: 8. Hence, as we have discovered, we have the ancient symbol for Spirit, the Light we are  and also the symbol for the vibration of TEN: which can also be shown as l 0.

This is the perfect balance we exist in as the creative Light Beings we are in the true spirit world, and this creative energy is also reflected in our physical reality of separation. Symbolically, we have the male linear energy represented by the erect penis, penetrating the circular female vaginal cavity to create physical life , just as we create life in an energy form as the light beings we are.

All we need to do is to stop looking up and out into the stars and the heavens for a moment and look down. Look down at our hands and what do we see? Ten fingers. If we look further down we see ten toes. Realise we are the TEN, we are the ;. We have always been the ;  SPIRIT/TEN. We have just forgotten that’s all.

For example, if we were to design a web site we could then log onto the Internet and view our finished work. We would then be able to experience what we had created and if we were not happy with any aspect of it we could return to what created it in the first place to make the required alterations. After all, we can make all the changes we want in our mind’s eye, but we still need to put them into effect physically.  We could only do this if we remembered who and what had originally created the web site. It is the same process with life, with the physical aspect of creation. We have created physical life; it is the end result of creation, only we have forgotten. That’s all. Each and every time we come back into this physical reality to make the necessary adjustments required to improve the Earth’s consciousness and environment (the very mess we are all responsible for creating in the first place), we bring with us a physical reminder that we actually created it in the first place!  Ten fingers and ten toes. Yet the irony iswe keep on forgetting. We are the physical representation of the Source of Oneness, the physical representation of what created everything in the first place – Spirit.

But the mind/ego/intellect combination has locked us firmly into the vibration of nine (and all the vibrations, which make up nine) and so we forget. Or are we not allowed to remember?

It is interesting to note that in the Cabalistic system, the above principle of 10 representing the non-physical is totally reversed. Ten is given as Malkuth (Malkout) – the number of the Earth plane, matter – and One is given as the Kether or God State. The Sun, our spiritual centre is attributed the number six. The possibility therefore exists that systems of philosophy and magic which derive from the Cabbalistic system will also lock one’s consciousness into the material/intellect/ego, whilst apparently giving one access to the spiritual secrets. There is no doubt a great wealth of profound knowledge is to be found within the Cabbala, but one must not use a system of knowledge without understanding the pitfalls. A great many of the New Age forms of philosophy are founded in the Cabbala, even though many followers don’t always realise the aetiology of their beliefs, and therefore just what they are locking their consciousness into. Certain aspects of occultism were deliberately altered and inverted by the ‘teachers’ of the ages, and the initiate must be ever wary of this in their journey, or risk being duped and used by others with less than positive intent for them. Many high level occultists using the Cabbalistic system, who having begun their path with the intent of finding spiritual enlightenment, have gone on to then use that knowledge for manipulation and control of people and material things. Such high level initiates then became the ‘teachers’ of others. And through this inversion of truth the cycle of locking into materialism and the consciousness of control has been perpetuated down through the ages.

Through externalisation and constant reference to our nine/matter aspect, to the exclusion of our transcending ten/spirit aspect, we are in danger of becoming totally controlled by the very consciousnesswe created in the first place. A consciousness which has over time become exceedingly unbalanced. (More in Part Three).

And so we focus 99.999% of our attention on the 0.0001% of who and what we are, the physical part, the nine of Man, the geometrical and mathematical part.

Why? Because we have always looked outside ourselves for the answers and allowed this external consciousness to block the natural flow of creation. We only need to find the ten/spirit within to knowand become the ten. Then we can make changes to everything in our physical reality, our health and well being, our futures, our environment and ultimately the environment of Mother Earth.  WE are the driving force behind the physical not the other way around.

I quote Deepak Chopra M.D. from his book Quantum Healing:

“ Science used to hold the belief we were physical machines that have somehow learned to think. Now it dawns that we are thoughts that have learned to create a physical machine.”

Just as the ten/fire/spirit ; is represented in the physical within the circle, it is fed from the ten ; (fire/spirit) within so to speak.

If we add the inner ten ; to our symbolic representation of creation, it would appear as is does above. Does this symbolic representation remind you of anything in particular? It resembles the Ahnu, the source of all life. This is because TEN (symbolically speaking) is the vibration of all life, the inner Sun, the inner flame, the source, which resides in the space within, which feeds and creates all life itself. This is the Light, Spirit and energy we are, it is not the physical aspect of ourselves, but the energy aspect.

It is from this energy structure that ALL geometric shapes evolve. For example: if we were to place a dot in the centre of all the outer circles, or where the outer circles join the main circle, and join selective dots together, it is possible to create almost any geometric shape we desire.

Ten, therefore is recognised as transcending the nine in mystical circles. It is also representative of One. Not the one of the series 1-9, but the number of spiritual transcendence of the 1-9, i.e. unity with the Creator.



The FUCK IT point

“A film about the dark side of civilization, why we should bring it down and why most civilized people don’t.

People from civilization are fast to point out that we cannot “go back” to hunting and gathering “stone age life”, there isn’t enough wild game left for us all and wild fruits and plants cannot fill our stomachs.

But look at societies with “stone age” techniques; their minimum consumption, their ability to self sustain without degrading the land or make non-human species go extinct and their ability to survive extreme conditions.

In contrast it is blatantly obvious that if the civilized continue the path they are on we are all heading for disaster.

There seem to be no way to sustain civilization any longer, but that might not be such a bad thing for the rest of the world, because its collapse is taking place due to a larger collapse: the collapse of cultural diversity and the loss of biodiversity famously called earths sixth major extinction event which is the dark side of the progress of civilization.”


The True Origins Of Reiki (by Steve Gamble)

The True Origins Of Reiki by Steve Gamble

Thankfully, an original Japanese book on Reiki and its correct origins has recently been translated and published in English and provides us with some clarity and historical balance on this method of spiritual transgression developed by Mikao Usui that has hitherto been denied us by Western manipulation and illusory shenanigans.

Let us compare the facts and the fiction. I quote from the book:

‘We know that myth has played a big role in human history. However, when we talk about history as the truth, we should tell the facts as correctly as possible. If a new fact is found, we need to correct the wrong story. Some people deny the truth because it is inconvenient for them but Usui-sensei would not want such a dishonest behaviour. In the following I will state the wrong Reiki history and the truth.’35

Fiction: Usui was a Professor of a university in Kyoto, or a Dean and even a President or Doctor.

Truth: Mikao Usui did not graduate from any university. Neither did he have a doctor’s degree.

Fiction: Usui-sensei was a priest of Christianity or a professor of divinity.

Truth: He experienced various professions. He was engaged in missionary work of a religion related to Shinto, but he was not a Christian at all. Mt. Kurama is a holy place for Buddhists. A Christian would not do fasting at Mt. Kurama, and would not enter a ZEN temple.36 He studied and practised Zen for three years.37

Fiction: Usui-sensei searched for a healing method for a long period and searched the mystery of life/soul and how to use universal energy.

Truth: Usui-sensei said that healing power was given by accident during fasting and he did not know the true essence of Reiki and it is written in the “Reiki Ryoho Hikkei” that he did not search for the energy to obtain healing ability.

Fiction: Usui-sensei saw Reiki symbols during fasting. A bright light came into the centre of his head, rainbow colours appeared and then they changed into a huge white light, and golden lightening symbols in Sanskrit appeared.

Truth: Usui’s experience is written in the “Reiki Ryoho no Shiori (Reiki Ryoho handbook)”, and it does not say anything at all about this.36

Usui wrote ‘I have a hard time explaining exactly. I realise that I’ve received the ability of healing accidentally when I felt the air in mysterious way during fasting…I was not taught this method by anybody nor studying to get intuitive power.’53

Usui-sensei did not even use symbols himself.38 He developed the ‘symbols’ later to help his students to focus.39

Fiction: Chujiro Hayashi succeeded the Usui Ryoho Gakkai as the 2nd grand master. After Hayashi passed away, Hawayo Takata succeeded the Gakkai to be the third grand master

Truth: Hayashi and Takata were great grand masters of Reiki. However, there was no fact that Usui-sensei determined Hayashi as his successor. Hayashi was not the 2nd president of the Gakkai. Takata was not either.36

What has been established is that Usui had approximately 2000 students, and Usui-sensei had given Shinpi-den to 16 masters. Four have been clarified:

1. Juzaburo Ushida 1865-1935
Rear Admiral of Japan Navy
The 2nd president of Usui Reiki Ryoho Gakkai
2. Kan’ichi Taketomi 1878-1960
Rear Admiral of Japan Navy
The 3rd president of the Gakkai
3. Yoshiharu Watanabe ????-1960
School Teacher
The 4th president of the Gakkai
4. Chujiro Hayashi 1879-1940
Captain of Japan Navy
The 1st president of Hayashi Reiki Kenkyu-kai

And on and on we could go. Mikao Usui merely referred to universal energy, the life force energy inside humans – the pure light that we are – as Reiki.

Reiki was a label meaning connection with the light or universal energy within.

Usui-sensei taught, ‘The universe is me, and I am the universe. The universe exists in me, and I exist in the universe. Light exists in me, and I exist in the light.’40

He also taught that Reiki was a method based on intuitive power among the universe41 and this is carried on today in traditional Japanese Reiki where it is taught that the first spiritual awakening is an intellectual awakening with one’s consciousness. In this stage ‘it is understood in the head and not a true awakening.’
A true awakening is an intuitive understanding by Shinga (Soul/Higher Self) and to complete the unity with truth.42

We can understand from the above that in the true origins of Reiki, before the Western ego got hold of it, it was all about finding the light, the universal energy within us. It was about the ‘inner journey’ and developing the intuitive side so we could better communicate with the light or universal energy which Usui called Reiki.

Usui-sensei developed Hatsurei-ho to improve the connection with the inner light, or internal Reiki energy.43

Additionally, from the above lineage, we can see that the original Reiki developed by Usui-sensei stayed in Japan and a different form of Reiki was exported into the Western world.

Also Usui-sensei did not use symbols, nor was he ‘given’ symbols in some divine encounter. He developed what have become known as symbols later on, as a tool to help members of the Japanese Navy and his students focus on the inner journey, and in conjunction with the mantras help them to connect with the light (Reiki) within.

The Japanese Navy was one of the main avenues through which Reiki expanded in the early years.44

Usui-sensei created the distant healing system using the resonance feature between the symbol and Kotodama (mantra) energy and said: ‘Human being has a natural gift to resonate with universe if he aims it in his mind. I want you to grow enough to be able to do distant healing without symbol and Kotodama (mantra) that I taught.’45

Today in traditional Japanese Reiki teachings, symbols (focusing aids) are taught in the same context as ‘supporting wheels of a bicycle.’46 In other words, when a person has grown enough spiritually and can rely on their inner light they should stop using the symbols/focusing aids, just as a child takes the stabilisers off their bike when it has enough confidence in its own ability to ride it without falling off.

It is also taught that symbols should be used as a tool and one should not misunderstand their function, and that searching for additional symbols or regarding symbols as a holy thing is meaningless.46

In Gendai Reiki-ho, students learn the symbols and are taught to aim at ‘NO SYMBOL USE’ status. It further teaches that you can replace the 3rd symbol with the image of the Sun and the 4th symbol with the image of White Light.47

Additionally, it is taught ‘You must not mislead yourself into believing that the symbols themselves have any power and rely upon them. Otherwise you are worshiping only the images and not the reality; you have to overcome this limitation eventually, because it is like a hurdle.’48

Students are encouraged to become a light symbol or a symbol of the light.49

It is also taught that it is important in ‘healing’ to apply one’s hands without any control of the mind and that if you try to make useless effort to concentrate, other kinds of power may be mixed in. If we are to receive the higher dimension of universal energy we need to relax and open our minds and trust the universe.50

Here we have confirmation in traditional Japanese Reiki of the importance of ‘Allowing’ in healing, taking the mind out of the equation, and that if we use the mind, aka ego, then other lower energies may come into the healing equation. Which is exactly what we have been discussing in this series of articles.

So it is a fallacy that people involved in Reiki cannot attract negative energies. If the intellect comes in, in any shape or form, so too do negative energies. Like I mentioned in Chapter One, healing is all about ALLOWING. Allowing energies higher than the intellect to get on with the job at hand.It would appear that some Western Reiki Masters have offended the keepers of traditional Reiki in Japan, who feel there is a limit to Western Reiki.51

This I can readily understand. In original Usui Reiki Ryoho, after a student receives the ‘first level’, the student has to practise for many years and must show increased spiritual ability to their sensei before the second level is even considered and offered them.52

Compare this with the ‘get-rich-and-become-enlightened-overnight-with-Me-guru’ approach of many Western Reiki Masters who offer ‘Mastership over Spirituality’ in a weekend! And compare this also to some who are now aliens – but as we now know, only alien to the light and truth.

It is only when we connect with the light within that we can possibly hope to connect with the reflected light without. For if we cannot recognize what it is we are looking for, we will never find it outside of ourselves in the convoluted mish-mash of imbalanced energies we have created over time.

As I mentioned in Chapter One, we cannot camp at the base of a mountain and expect to wake up at the top the next day. Sadly, too many people do believe they can become holders of the truth over night, or by reading some book or other.

The journey to the top of the mountain is the journey inwards towards the light that we are and the light that is all things. There is only one truth – the light – and as we dig through the darkness of the illusion we begin to find this one same truth behind many disguises today.So we can see that the truth never varies and is quite simple. It is all about finding the light within, the convergence of the soul through its inner journey towards the light that we are. It is about allowing. Nothing complicated at all.

We can see, just as Jesus’ teachings have been altered and manipulated beyond recognition over time, so too have the origins of Reiki, as have the origins of Freemasonry and Initiatic science and many other teachings too.

The ego and the intellect have merely externalised the truth of these methods and made it complex and difficult to achieve by placing divinity beyond the capability of humans, when in truth, we are all immortal humans and we are all capable of achieving Christ consciousness in the physical body through the inner journey, the baptism of the soul with the inner light – the resurrection.

Only THEY do not want us to know this, for in realising this simple truth means we no longer buy into the illusion and can no longer be controlled. In effect, our NEED for THEM disappears and with it so does their power and the illusion and all its heinous thought forms, for without our imbalanced energy fields to keep them alive, they cannot survive.

This is simplicity in itself. Harmony restored, consciousness balanced both in and out; Paradise or Heaven in the physical reality, the perfect reflection of the light and love we are.

And now we can fully appreciate the importance of the Assemblage Point in the resurrection of the soul and how important it is to have the A.P. unblocked at the rear of the heart chakra and the flow corrected both front and back if we are to redeem our consciousness in this physical reality!

We understand now that the soul is not who we truly are. It is merely a reflection of the light we are, though we have come to realise that today it is merely a distorted reflection of the light we are.

So just as with Reiki symbols, if we focus on the soul, we are focusing on the image and the reflection and not on the true reality, which is the light being that we are. The soul is just memory, consciousness, it is awareness. A soul that has become trapped in the illusory afterlife, the false spirit world, is merely a soul that has become imbalanced in the physical body and is now an imbalanced energy, or memory, existing in the consciousness of the Earth, within the physical/astral vibrations of one to nine (1-9).

These lost souls, along with the thought form energies we have created over time – imbalanced energies – are the reason for the disease in the Earth’s consciousness, the karmic imbalance that we inherit when we incarnate. A disease, or imbalance, that affects each and every living entity in this physical reality, especially human beings.

As the science of biophysics has discovered, physical illness begins in the energy fields first and foremost. On a cellular level, when the energy field or consciousness of the physical cell becomes breached by imbalanced energies, the physical cell then becomes unhealthy too.

Exactly the same process applies to us humans. When our energy fields become breached by these lost souls or thought forms – imbalanced energies from the external consciousness – then our soul/consciousness, and consequently our physical health, suffers too.

To begin the convergence of our soul and our spirit in this physical reality all we need to do on a daily basis is reaffirm to ourselves that we are the light and we are the light that is all things. We can do this quite simply in the following way:

I thank the light that I am and the light that is all things living. I am looking within to the light that I am for the answers, and my conscious awareness of this communication with my true self is increasing every day.

I ask the light that I am and the light that is all things living to help me and protect me at all times.

I ask the light that I am and the light that is all things living to guide me and show me from time to time what I need to know to help to bring my consciousness back towards balance.

I ask the light that I am and the light that is all things living to help me in this physical reality to release my imbalances and help me to face my fears and dissolve them and purify them in the light that I am.

I ask the light that I am and the light that is all things living to help me to keep my physical and spiritual body clean and balanced at all times.

I ask the light that I am and the light that is all things living to help me to I ask the light that I am and the light that is all things living to guide me and show me what I need to do to help improve the collective consciousness of humans and become more aware of the illusion and therefore more aware of the truth and light that I am.

I ask the light that I am and the light that is all things living to help me keep grounded and balanced between all the aspects that I am in this physical body.

In addition we can use a very simple visualisation. Imagine the light or the sun in the centre of our heart and then imagine this light growing and expanding outwards until it surrounds the whole of our body.

This reaffirms the correct flow of energy from within to without and helps to keep the Assemblage Point flowing correctly after it has been aligned and cleared of any blockage or external connections.

Connection with the inner light and being able to recognise the difference between the light and the illusion provides us with the wherewithal to help ‘lost souls’ through meditation, or through what is referred to today as ‘soul retrieval’.

We can only help lost souls – and ourselves for that matter – if we can distinguish the light from the illusion, otherwise we have no idea where we are leading them, or ourselves.

As I mentioned in Chapter Six, as our awareness of our connection with the light improves and we begin that inner tuition, we will be guided towards the best way we can share this truth.

As in healing, it is all about ‘allowing’, allowing energies higher than the intellect to come through and communicate with us through intuition. If we allow, we will be guided correctly. If we impose the mind and the will, such as saying I am going to meditate and help these lost souls return home, this is ego, and we may well achieve nothing.

Conversely, if we just allow, and it is right for us that we help a lost soul or do a particular distant healing at a particular moment in time, then the opportunity will present itself as and when it is right to do so.

This is part of our learning so we can reap the greatest possible benefit. We must allow our light to guide us and show us what we need to learn and do from time to time, for our light, our higher self knows far better than our mind or our emotions.

By integrating our soul inwardly towards the light and by becoming more aware of the illusion and what is truly going on, our higher dimensional selves naturally begin to do more constructive work in these dimensions to help to combat the imbalances in the physical and astral realities.

Again, if we are unsure all we need to do is ask the light for help. Such as: if it is appropriate at this moment in time, I ask the light to help guide ***** lost soul/s to return home, or: I ask if it is right and appropriate at this time to send the light to ***** to help with *****. If we leave the decision up to the light and our higher dimensional self – just as we should allow in healing – and take our conscious mind out of the equation, what is required at the time for the benefit of all, will indeed take place.

As we become more integrated with the light within, we begin to know what to do without thinking, because it just happens and it feels right. Looking within, allowing and listening to our intuition is the key to spirituality and the expansion of our inner light outwards and into the Earth’s consciousness.

This is the main way we contribute towards bringing the Earth’s consciousness back into health and balance. Another is through our actions and our words. However, it must be restated, when we are helping a lost soul, we are not helping a human being per se, the soul is consciousness, it is just a ‘memory’ of human physical life and because it has become imbalanced during its physical life, it has become lost in the greater imbalance of the illusory afterlife.

An illusory afterlife some people today would have us believe is actually the true spirit world. Today we have many books on the subject of Lost Souls and their interpretation of the Spirit World. Information derived from regressive hypnotherapy which as we know can open up dialogue with these ‘lost soul’ attachments, bypassing the consciousness of the individual, yet still portrayed as some form of past life experience of the individual themselves.

Additionally we have ‘channelled’ information from so-called spirit guides, such as in the book, Life In The World Unseen. The majority of these books infer that the information contained therein comes from souls who exist in the true spirit world, but in fact the information comes directly from the counterfeit spirit world – the illusory afterlife – the spirit world of ‘lost souls’.

This information, honestly shared in some cases and dishonestly in others, appeals to the emotional body, the domain of the ego, and ‘prepares’ us and conditions us into believing in the appearance of the counterfeit spirit world. Then when we DO leave the physical body, we see exactly what we have been conditioned to see and therefore would EXPECT to see.

So the soul therefore, will more readily buy into the illusory afterlife. There is absolutely no comparison between the true spirit world and the world represented in some of these books.

There are no schools or hierarchies in the Light. There is no need to ‘train and improve’ the intellect or our intelligence because in the true Spirit Realm we ‘feel’ what is right and we ‘know’ from feeling through the heart centre everything that needs to be known. When we return our soul/consciousness (awareness) to the light being we truly are we experience everything, because as a light being, we ARE everything too.

This is exactly how we learn from the inner journey. We take our awareness, our soul if you like, to the place from where we originate – the true Spirit World.

From here we teach ourselves through inner tuition (intuition) what we need to know from time to time in this physical reality. This learning, or more correctly, this remembering of who we are whilst we are in the physical body, comes from experiencing the unconditional love and light that we are as we exist in the true Spirit World.

As the light being we are, we know everything anyway, so why on earth would we need to be taught anything, especially through the intellect? How can we be taught something through intellect when the intellect cannot possibly hope to understand energies higher than itself?

This is why books describing the false spirit world talk about improving the intellect and our intelligence. Understanding and learning comes from the heart centre, through experiencing the unconditional love that we all are. Therefore, the true spirit world, the world of light, does not have intellect; it has too low a vibration to enter this world. The intellect cannot possibly exist in the purity and light of the true Spirit Realm.

Therefore, what we are doing here by helping lost souls back to the true world of Spirit is that we are leading imbalanced energies into the light where they can be purified.

This process naturally helps to bring the overall consciousness of the Earth into a more balanced state. That means there are less negative energies to cleave to people enjoying a physical life and so there would be less chance of a person’s consciousness becoming tarnished by these energies born out of belief in the illusion.

Facilitating spirituality is all about what comes out of one’s mouth. That is, do we spread the disease, or the healing – Truth or Lie? Do we resonate with the vibration of 1-9 – the illusion, or the vibration of 10 – Spirit and Light? Hell or Paradise? It is our choice!

And the consequences we face in the afterlife are a direct result of the choices we make in this physical reality. They are our own responsibility and blame does not lie with anybody else but us. It is time for us all to embrace the light that we are and the light that is all things living.

It is time to be humbled by its, and our own, immense presence and unconditional love. It is time for us to say that I welcome the light that I am to come forth from within and flow through my body and into the darkness we have surrounded ourselves with.

It is time for the light to bring illumination back into the physical reality, and with it will come balance and the unconditional love of all living things. This would be Paradise in the physical reality and freedom for every lost soul, and bye-bye to the imbalanced thought forms, the disease of the physical/astral world we are here to heal.

Turn the spotlight inwards

This is an old text; something I wrote just prior 21/12/2012


To be in the centre with your inner core is a crucial for the time that we live in. To hold your energies together with an awareness is the most important energetic work that you should be doing right now.

Please be aware where you send your energy to and what you are connecting with. There are a few things I would love to share with you, just to give you an opportunity to think and feel for yourselves about it.

I’m not going into what is behind the whole 21.12.2012. fame and what info is truth and which one is false. There was so much spread on the subject within the last few years and probably each of you has your own understanding of it.

The only thing in this whole story that I’m 100% sure about is the fact that the millions of the people around the globe are focused on this date and have some kind of expectations around it. For something big to happen or nothing to happen at all; but focus on 21/12/12 is there.

People on the spiritual path, especially the New Age crowd will probably participate in at least one meditation on that day; they will have at least a moment during that day when they will be connecting with the energies and vibration of the date.

Just imagine the amount of the energies that will be released out of these individuals; especially the ones that are intentionally planning to connect with the external forces in the Universe; such as spirit guides, ascendant masters, angels, aliens, hierarchy etc., call them as you want.

A huge amount of energy will be released during this period and even if it’s going to be sent with good intention, the fact is that that energy can still be easily manipulated.

When you send your energy out towards some object of devotion or admiration it literally means that you are giving your power away to it/them; same is happening when you are invoking these “beings/entities” and bringing them down, usually through your crown chakra. It’s an extremely dangerous process!

That’s the way how humanity on this planet has been manipulated for thousands of years. We’ve been programmed to think how “small” we are and in need to ascend that we need a saviour; some external force that will help us; that will help our Planet. What a nonsense that is!

– – –

I’ll give you an example of how such a huge deception is working. I’m not sure how many of you are familiar with the name of Alice A. Bailey. Some refer to her as a “mother” of the modern form of the New Age movement. She’s the one who “channeled” The Great Invocation.
The Great Invocation has been translated into more than 50 different languages and apparently it is an official prayer of the UN. Please pay attention with your inner eye so as to be in the centre of your whole being/self and then see how do you feel while you are reading these lines:

From the POINT OF LIGHT WITHIN THE MIND OF GOD LET LIGHT STREAM forth INTO THE MINDS OF MEN. Let Light descend on Earth. From the point of Love within the Heart of God Let Love stream forth into the hearts of men. May Christ return on Earth. From the centre where the Will of God is known Let purpose guide the little wills of men –The purpose which the Masters know and serve. From the centre which we call the race of men Let the Plan of Love and Light work out And may it seal the door where evil dwells. Let LIGHT and LOVE and Power restore the Plan on Earth.

Did you notice how the whole invocation is all about external light only??? It’s all about giving your power away. It’s all about reminding men & women how they need to focus on external sources of power.

“Light within the mind of GOD”; but what about the light within the man ??????

Please think about this!

(The light within the mind of man is already connected inherently with the mind of god-if he never looks within to connect with it but instead is always looking outside of himself for answers & salvation then man becomes lost within the insecure process of constantly seeking dependence on external sources of power )

– – –

“True connection with source/god/creator/the infinite/all that is etc. is an internal/inward process & not an external one…it is that simple…everyone is born with an inherent internal connection to all that is…Only YOU can make that true connection from within & one actually choosing to do so…The Great Invocation is a great deception so that one opens up all their chakras allowing disguised negative external forces & entities to control & program you. The Great Invocation is a classic example of Illuminati/NWO/fallen angelic/etc. LIES IN DISGUISES” H.G.S.

– – –
Another example is a triangle meditation (or transmission meditation)

Please check the following link to read more about transmission meditation if you are not familiar with it.


Here are a few quotes from Alice A Bailey’s writings to get a feeling for how she is using her words. Decide for yourself re. how does it feel for you…..

“The function of these Triangles is in reality to facilitate the work of distributing the pure incoming love energy (expressing itself as light and as goodwill), INTO THE HIERARCHY and Humanity. This deeply esoteric purpose of the Triangles will not be understood by the general public, but some of you who read this will appreciate the opportunity to serve in this manner consciously.” ~ (Treatise on the Seven Rays, Volume V, the rays and the Initiations, page 402)

“…Group work is pioneering work. As one Teacher suggested, humanity is in the infancy stage where group endeavor is concerned. However, the Triangles is the work which all serving disciples are called. This is THE CALLING OF A GROUP WORK OF A NEW ORDER. Individual effort and activity is to be blended with the Triangle groups objective, the group effort, and with group decision making. The work will not be carried forward by the imposition of some will upon a group of lesser wills. It is the will of the groups, RATHER THAN THAT OF AN INDIVIDUAL, unitedly dedicated to a specific objective, which is of major importance….”

For eons man was told how he doesn’t have any power as an individual. That is the message that church and different spiritual leaders were spreading all over the world. There was always some external force that was asking to be devoted.

Icons, sacred sites, temples etc are the places and objects which were designed & built for individuals so they could connect with god(s) through them. There had to be always some kind of third party proxy involved in such a sacred practice, as our relationship with the God(s) should be. Think about it. Think about the triangle.

Imagine how this world would look like if we were told since our early age that we as human beings are the ones who are holding the whole Universe within ourselves and that we are the ones with the enormous potential to create heaven, here on Earth……as Earth is heaven. It’s our home. It’s our Mother.

Imagine if our whole spiritual development was focused on our own internal powers instead on devoting something outside of ourselves. Something that is located out there; far in the distance.

Worship of an imaginary external being – what a perfect way to be kept in control !!!

The world today, and the world throughout it’s past history is an example of what kind of universal support we were getting through the centuries. Just look around yourself. There is 840 000 000 hungry people in the world today. There is 24 000 people who are dying on a daily basis because of hunger alone. And what about wars, economy, environmental issues???

Things are falling apart around us and the majority still believe how we should pray/invoke some external force to come & save us….We’ve been praying for way too long and there is still no help. Come on peeps….This is the time to wake up! Think about this. Give it a chance.

Try to break through the programming that you were exposed to for generations and generations. It’s not easy. Cognitive dissonance is a very powerful thing. The ones who are asking questions have been regularly ridiculed and the ones who were spreading these kind of messages have been eliminated. Just remember some names from our recent history: Martin Luther King, John Lennon, Gandhi and others…..

The purpose of this post is not to attack anyone’s beliefs but only to give you a bit of different perspective which hopefully will make you stop for a second and think about it; see how does this view feel with you internally.

Snap out of your mind and FEEL what is coming from within. Maybe you’ll surprise yourself.

Earth’s humanity consists of billions of individuals, and each individual, each single one of us holds the power to make this world to be a better place. Each one of us, individually & collectively. Please do not doubt your abilities to change the world. We can make this world to be a beautiful place for living. We should be enjoying this earthly experience; that’s why we are here in the first place. Not to be someone’s slaves. The ones in control are losing their power. This is an unstoppable process. And they are aware of it!

Just be aware who you are connecting with and who you are giving your power to, as even though you may not have a bad intention, you may still be unknowingly on the wrong side.

Love and only Love to you all……..

(The love of all eternity is already within us all so connect with that & may we all together endeavor to forever keep the love among the living with our actions)

‘Do you not know that the temple of God and the Spirit of God dwells within you’ (1Cor 3:16)

‘Know thyself, and thou shalt know the Universe and God’ (Temple of Apollo at Delphi inscription)
‘He who knows others is wise, he who knows himself is enlightened’ (Lao Tzu)

”Turn the spotlight inwards’ (Ghandi)

‘The Kingdom of God is within you’ (Jesus Christ)

‘What we achieve inwardly will change outer reality. (Plutarch)



“Not even
the wisest sage
nor the most compassionate friend
nor the profoundest text
can guide you
more truly
than your spirit
in total harmony with


“One basic trut…

“One basic truth can be used as a foundation for a mountain of lies, and if we dig down deep enough in the mountain of lies, and bring out that truth, to set it on top of the mountain of lies; the entire mountain of lies will crumble under the weight of that one truth, and there is nothing more devastating to a structure of lies than the revelation of the truth upon which the structure of lies was built, because the shock waves of the revelation of the truth reverberate, and continue to reverberate throughout the Earth for generations to follow, awakening even those people who had no desire to be awakened to the truth.”

Delamer Duverus