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On Chakras by Steve Gamble

“The more one studies occult philosophies and esoterica, as well as the art of propaganda, the more one sees the great power of direct inversion upon the psyche of Man.

We see it in the Cabbala and Initiatic Science and it is equally obvious, if not more so when we compare Nature with the healing arts.

Yes, even in the healing arts we are surrounded by the illusion. Nature yet again comes to our rescue and allows us to see through the illusion. What we have been told over the years about our chakras, these spinning vortices of energy that come in all sizes and cover every inch of our bodies, is just another part of the illusion.

What have we been spoon-fed about the seven main chakras in particular?

We have been conditioned to believe that our base chakra for example is and should be red, the sacral orange, and the solar plexus yellow, and so on up to violet for the crown chakra. Would you agree?

All our present day healing using and working with the chakras and most other forms of energy balancing is based on this premise of colour sequences.

Why should we suspect this information is false?

Because Nature shows us very clearly that this is so. We only need to look at a rainbow. A rainbow is formed when light is refracted through the water molecules in the atmosphere into its’ component parts.

We too are primarily composed of water molecules, therefore, is it unreasonable to assume we refract light in the same way? Do we have our own inner rainbow perhaps?

If we look at a rainbow we see light refracted into seven colours. The top colour is red, then orange and so forth down to the bottom of the rainbow where we find the spiritual colours and vibrations.

If we have been fortunate to observe a rainbow from an aeroplane we would see the rainbow forms a circle and the spiritual colours are in the centre. This complements how everything in nature works, from within to without, with the higher vibrations closer to source and the lower vibrations (red/orange etc) forming the further from source they are.

The lower physical vibration red is on the outside, not on the bottom or the inside.

The vibrational source of spirituality (and therefore truth) always lies in the centre. The eye of the storm shows us the same simple principle of how Nature works – balance, equilibrium, lies in the centre – chaos, destruction and imbalance lies on the outside.

Now, what in particular are we taught about our chakras and their colour sequence in the New Age movement, the healing arts and in many religious and spiritual teachings? We are taught that the spiritual colours lie at the top of the head, in our crown chakra (the very opposite of a rainbow and how nature works), and away from the centre of our being.

It is exactly the same in the Qabala and it’s so-called spiritual Tree Of Life where the ultimate spiritual attainment is to be found in Kether, the Crown Chakra.

And what are we doing by placing our spiritual consciousness into the outer part of ourselves, in the top of our head?

We are placing our spirituality into the control of our intellect and ego! We are pointing and focusing our spirituality away from it’s source, away from it’s Heart Centre, our true spiritual centre, and are merely excommunicating it to a life in the wilderness, a life in the ego-intellectually perceived consciousness of reality – the chaotic part, the 0.001% of who we really are – instead of a spiritually perceived consciousness of reality through our heart centre.

This current belief promoted throughout the new age, the healing arts and spiritual teachings is another example of the inversion and reversal of truth we are constantly being subjected to.

In the Olden days when this inversion took place, we did not have the advantage of Air travel, therefore when Man saw the rainbow he only saw it from the ground, with the seven colours forming an arc. All that happened with the natural colour sequence of the rainbow, with red at the top and purple and violet at the bottom, was that this sequence was totally reversed by the lawmakers/priests of the time and this reversal of truth was offered to the people as a spiritual and/or Initiatic teaching.

This reversal then became the ‘accepted way’ thereafter and is still used and promoted today in practically every teaching on chakras and energy fields. Thanks to air travel we now know the full significance of the colours of the rainbow and how we have been deceived yet again by the rulers and the lawmakers to keep us spiritually denied.

Let us remind ourselves that nature does not lie, it just IS, only Man is capable of telling lies. Yet even with the obvious in front of our eyes, we still believe what we are told instead of what we are seeing with our own eyes. Blind faith is just that – blind!

The simple truth about our chakras is that when perfectly balanced they are all white. There is no colour sequence at all. ”


One response

  1. Just a thought, but if we consider As above, So below, and incorporate that humans are a reflection of the Above, here Below, could the inverted order be a product of the mirror-image in order to complete the circle of life? Imagine an inverted rainbow as the human connecting to the Universal one to complete a circle – the colors would align with the outer layer as Red, on in until the purple layer and the crystal/white center.

    September 8, 2013 at 11:08 pm

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