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Say NO to GMOs

**Wrote it for today’s March Against Monsanto protest but didn’t manage to read it there**

Without our health we do not have nothing! That should be the main priority we are all taught from a very young age, as health is the real freedom!

Once when you understand your body and how it works you are no longer a slave, because with that awareness you will not consciously poison yourself, hence true freedom begins with health.

Our body is our temple, physically, mentally & emotionally,and to maintain a healthy balanced existential well being, we all need 3 main requirements. Clean air, water & food. These are 3 basic requirements that every human needs to maintain a harmonious life. These are 3 essential basic human rights that are inherent by our birth right on this planet…..and no one has a right to take it off us!!!!

I am amazed with the masses of people complying with the monstrous decisions that have been made by the corporate powers that be, whilst at odds with their own common sense as to what they know is naturally good for them. It makes me sick in my stomach every time when i go to the supermarket & see that section where it says “Organic” get smaller & smaller & increasingly more expensive, as each passing day goes by.

Does anyone ever ask the question that if there is this small section that is labelled ‘organic’, then what would one label everything else that is for sale? Would we actually call what is “inorganic” actually food or something else? Do you see any labels on actual food that specifies such produce & items as inorganic?

What is ‘inorganic’ produce? – Food that is not found in nature nor a natural byproduct of a natural food source.

Nature has already provided for us every single requirement that our body temple needs on all levels. Why would we as humans would ever want to compromise our health for the sake of commercial convenience and gain?

Every day most of us compromise our health without even really knowing in the first place what foods are actually good for us & what inorganic fiction ‘food’, if one could even call such as food, is not.

Not only the fact that they are manipulating our food, creating all these inorganic genetic hybrids of basic natural foods, at the same time, they are trying to justify it by saying with such a large ever increasing world population, genetically modified foods ensure that there is enough food for everyone.

However, if one has their own land to grow food on, then why do they also make it increasingly more difficult, in Europe with restrictions on organically grown produce & in the US illegal, for one to grow their own organic healthy food?

Is this not a double standard in itself that makes no common sense?

Why should one be penalised for growing/maintaining their own healthy food supply?

What is the real logic behind such government policy decision making?

Are such decisions really in the best interests of the people or only the best financial interests of the corporate powers that be?

Who are these corporate powers that be anyway? Who owns the corporate infrastructue of the system that the government governs?

Just follow the money trail folks & it ends with the bankers & religious institutions & big busisness that they are both in bed with.

This criminality is happening on an every day basis. Genetic manipulation of our food is the same as poisoning our natural food resources.

Some 15 years ago when i first was starting to inform myself on the impeding reality of genetically modified food, this was still in the mainstream catagory of conspiracy theories, while now, with much black irony, as we are all witnessing as we stand here today, this is very presently real. Our food, which is our main source of energy & power has been legally poisoned, & the scariest part is that the majority has accepted this as the norm without any real critical questioning nor properly informed evaluation.

If we genetically modify our food sources which come from nature, then we also genetically modify ourselves.

Artificial external substances have been brought into our immediate environment changing it’s natural organic structure as nature intended & at the same time is irresponsibly changing the natural structure of our DNA.

Again, some of us will say, this is bordering with conspiracy theory, & again i’ll say this is the laziest non informed line of least resitance.

If one is too lazy to inform themselves of such basic yet vital information that enables one to live healthily without liability of foreseeable illness in the future due to poor uninformed health maintenance choices, then, one is consciously accepting to live their lives as a manipulated slave.

By all means, one may indeed use their freewill to choose to forfeit the sake of their own health, but, for the sake of their children, surely one cannot choose to stick their head in the sand.

Those who choose not to think & evaluate these bad effects of genetic engineering for themselves, are usually hiding behind the science & those scientific authorities who self anoint themselves to propagate it.

The whole is always greater than the sum of its parts. How can any scientist ever claim to know the whole of any of nature’s organic creations, especially in this case, when it comes to changing the natural organic genetic DNA struture of our plants & animals, without scientifically knowing the whole sum of their parts?

Science has claimed to have all of the answers but any truely able scientist will admit that, in science, there is no certainty. The only thing a scientist can ever be totally sure of, is, that what is known today will be outdated & disproved tomorrow.

In our ignorance about natural organic systems which Genetic engineering is to alter, all we can do is speculate.

Which scientific authoritative body takes a 100% full responsibility & liability of the collateral damage that occurs from the side effects of science????

Namely in this specific case, the damage to human health, life & DNA?

Let me tell you…NONE!!!


Although we may be still currently a small minority in the know, it is never to late to spread enough love among the living….until everyone knows!

Let me finish with the quote……

“Never doubt that a small group of thoughtful, committed citizens can change the world. Indeed, it is the only thing that EVER has” ~ Margaret Mead


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