make the unsighted seen


Within us, there are books written.
Data bases of history of the Universe are hiding there.
Everything was given to us;
and by scam, everything was taken away.

Now, the time has arrived, when we claim our belongings.

Memory is coming back;
our strength is coming back too.
The tears are pouring,
excitement suppressed through the generations of martyrs is rising.

You and I know the answer.
Him and her know it too.

Let’s stop for a moment…
Resist the external noise of the world.
Resist the artificial images that have been imposed upon us for the purpose of hiding the truth.

The truth is within us.
The kingdom of god is within us.

We are gods.
The ones before us were talking about it;
but their words have been distorted for the wrong agendas.

Let’s go back to the mother from whom we came from;
can’t you see how she’s stretching her hands in an attempt to embrace us?
Lets bow down and she’ll whisper in our ear everything we should have heard a long time ago.

Ground yourself.
Feel the Earth.
Connect with the Universe within your inherent centre,
and hear the message that is coming right from the centre of all living.

You’ll know.
I will know too.
Without words…
without pictures…
we will be connected,
finally united in the source from where we all became.



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