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Say NO to GMOs

**Wrote it for today’s March Against Monsanto protest but didn’t manage to read it there**

Without our health we do not have nothing! That should be the main priority we are all taught from a very young age, as health is the real freedom!

Once when you understand your body and how it works you are no longer a slave, because with that awareness you will not consciously poison yourself, hence true freedom begins with health.

Our body is our temple, physically, mentally & emotionally,and to maintain a healthy balanced existential well being, we all need 3 main requirements. Clean air, water & food. These are 3 basic requirements that every human needs to maintain a harmonious life. These are 3 essential basic human rights that are inherent by our birth right on this planet…..and no one has a right to take it off us!!!!

I am amazed with the masses of people complying with the monstrous decisions that have been made by the corporate powers that be, whilst at odds with their own common sense as to what they know is naturally good for them. It makes me sick in my stomach every time when i go to the supermarket & see that section where it says “Organic” get smaller & smaller & increasingly more expensive, as each passing day goes by.

Does anyone ever ask the question that if there is this small section that is labelled ‘organic’, then what would one label everything else that is for sale? Would we actually call what is “inorganic” actually food or something else? Do you see any labels on actual food that specifies such produce & items as inorganic?

What is ‘inorganic’ produce? – Food that is not found in nature nor a natural byproduct of a natural food source.

Nature has already provided for us every single requirement that our body temple needs on all levels. Why would we as humans would ever want to compromise our health for the sake of commercial convenience and gain?

Every day most of us compromise our health without even really knowing in the first place what foods are actually good for us & what inorganic fiction ‘food’, if one could even call such as food, is not.

Not only the fact that they are manipulating our food, creating all these inorganic genetic hybrids of basic natural foods, at the same time, they are trying to justify it by saying with such a large ever increasing world population, genetically modified foods ensure that there is enough food for everyone.

However, if one has their own land to grow food on, then why do they also make it increasingly more difficult, in Europe with restrictions on organically grown produce & in the US illegal, for one to grow their own organic healthy food?

Is this not a double standard in itself that makes no common sense?

Why should one be penalised for growing/maintaining their own healthy food supply?

What is the real logic behind such government policy decision making?

Are such decisions really in the best interests of the people or only the best financial interests of the corporate powers that be?

Who are these corporate powers that be anyway? Who owns the corporate infrastructue of the system that the government governs?

Just follow the money trail folks & it ends with the bankers & religious institutions & big busisness that they are both in bed with.

This criminality is happening on an every day basis. Genetic manipulation of our food is the same as poisoning our natural food resources.

Some 15 years ago when i first was starting to inform myself on the impeding reality of genetically modified food, this was still in the mainstream catagory of conspiracy theories, while now, with much black irony, as we are all witnessing as we stand here today, this is very presently real. Our food, which is our main source of energy & power has been legally poisoned, & the scariest part is that the majority has accepted this as the norm without any real critical questioning nor properly informed evaluation.

If we genetically modify our food sources which come from nature, then we also genetically modify ourselves.

Artificial external substances have been brought into our immediate environment changing it’s natural organic structure as nature intended & at the same time is irresponsibly changing the natural structure of our DNA.

Again, some of us will say, this is bordering with conspiracy theory, & again i’ll say this is the laziest non informed line of least resitance.

If one is too lazy to inform themselves of such basic yet vital information that enables one to live healthily without liability of foreseeable illness in the future due to poor uninformed health maintenance choices, then, one is consciously accepting to live their lives as a manipulated slave.

By all means, one may indeed use their freewill to choose to forfeit the sake of their own health, but, for the sake of their children, surely one cannot choose to stick their head in the sand.

Those who choose not to think & evaluate these bad effects of genetic engineering for themselves, are usually hiding behind the science & those scientific authorities who self anoint themselves to propagate it.

The whole is always greater than the sum of its parts. How can any scientist ever claim to know the whole of any of nature’s organic creations, especially in this case, when it comes to changing the natural organic genetic DNA struture of our plants & animals, without scientifically knowing the whole sum of their parts?

Science has claimed to have all of the answers but any truely able scientist will admit that, in science, there is no certainty. The only thing a scientist can ever be totally sure of, is, that what is known today will be outdated & disproved tomorrow.

In our ignorance about natural organic systems which Genetic engineering is to alter, all we can do is speculate.

Which scientific authoritative body takes a 100% full responsibility & liability of the collateral damage that occurs from the side effects of science????

Namely in this specific case, the damage to human health, life & DNA?

Let me tell you…NONE!!!


Although we may be still currently a small minority in the know, it is never to late to spread enough love among the living….until everyone knows!

Let me finish with the quote……

“Never doubt that a small group of thoughtful, committed citizens can change the world. Indeed, it is the only thing that EVER has” ~ Margaret Mead



On Chakras by Steve Gamble

“The more one studies occult philosophies and esoterica, as well as the art of propaganda, the more one sees the great power of direct inversion upon the psyche of Man.

We see it in the Cabbala and Initiatic Science and it is equally obvious, if not more so when we compare Nature with the healing arts.

Yes, even in the healing arts we are surrounded by the illusion. Nature yet again comes to our rescue and allows us to see through the illusion. What we have been told over the years about our chakras, these spinning vortices of energy that come in all sizes and cover every inch of our bodies, is just another part of the illusion.

What have we been spoon-fed about the seven main chakras in particular?

We have been conditioned to believe that our base chakra for example is and should be red, the sacral orange, and the solar plexus yellow, and so on up to violet for the crown chakra. Would you agree?

All our present day healing using and working with the chakras and most other forms of energy balancing is based on this premise of colour sequences.

Why should we suspect this information is false?

Because Nature shows us very clearly that this is so. We only need to look at a rainbow. A rainbow is formed when light is refracted through the water molecules in the atmosphere into its’ component parts.

We too are primarily composed of water molecules, therefore, is it unreasonable to assume we refract light in the same way? Do we have our own inner rainbow perhaps?

If we look at a rainbow we see light refracted into seven colours. The top colour is red, then orange and so forth down to the bottom of the rainbow where we find the spiritual colours and vibrations.

If we have been fortunate to observe a rainbow from an aeroplane we would see the rainbow forms a circle and the spiritual colours are in the centre. This complements how everything in nature works, from within to without, with the higher vibrations closer to source and the lower vibrations (red/orange etc) forming the further from source they are.

The lower physical vibration red is on the outside, not on the bottom or the inside.

The vibrational source of spirituality (and therefore truth) always lies in the centre. The eye of the storm shows us the same simple principle of how Nature works – balance, equilibrium, lies in the centre – chaos, destruction and imbalance lies on the outside.

Now, what in particular are we taught about our chakras and their colour sequence in the New Age movement, the healing arts and in many religious and spiritual teachings? We are taught that the spiritual colours lie at the top of the head, in our crown chakra (the very opposite of a rainbow and how nature works), and away from the centre of our being.

It is exactly the same in the Qabala and it’s so-called spiritual Tree Of Life where the ultimate spiritual attainment is to be found in Kether, the Crown Chakra.

And what are we doing by placing our spiritual consciousness into the outer part of ourselves, in the top of our head?

We are placing our spirituality into the control of our intellect and ego! We are pointing and focusing our spirituality away from it’s source, away from it’s Heart Centre, our true spiritual centre, and are merely excommunicating it to a life in the wilderness, a life in the ego-intellectually perceived consciousness of reality – the chaotic part, the 0.001% of who we really are – instead of a spiritually perceived consciousness of reality through our heart centre.

This current belief promoted throughout the new age, the healing arts and spiritual teachings is another example of the inversion and reversal of truth we are constantly being subjected to.

In the Olden days when this inversion took place, we did not have the advantage of Air travel, therefore when Man saw the rainbow he only saw it from the ground, with the seven colours forming an arc. All that happened with the natural colour sequence of the rainbow, with red at the top and purple and violet at the bottom, was that this sequence was totally reversed by the lawmakers/priests of the time and this reversal of truth was offered to the people as a spiritual and/or Initiatic teaching.

This reversal then became the ‘accepted way’ thereafter and is still used and promoted today in practically every teaching on chakras and energy fields. Thanks to air travel we now know the full significance of the colours of the rainbow and how we have been deceived yet again by the rulers and the lawmakers to keep us spiritually denied.

Let us remind ourselves that nature does not lie, it just IS, only Man is capable of telling lies. Yet even with the obvious in front of our eyes, we still believe what we are told instead of what we are seeing with our own eyes. Blind faith is just that – blind!

The simple truth about our chakras is that when perfectly balanced they are all white. There is no colour sequence at all. ”


The True Origins Of Reiki (by Steve Gamble)

The True Origins Of Reiki by Steve Gamble

Thankfully, an original Japanese book on Reiki and its correct origins has recently been translated and published in English and provides us with some clarity and historical balance on this method of spiritual transgression developed by Mikao Usui that has hitherto been denied us by Western manipulation and illusory shenanigans.

Let us compare the facts and the fiction. I quote from the book:

‘We know that myth has played a big role in human history. However, when we talk about history as the truth, we should tell the facts as correctly as possible. If a new fact is found, we need to correct the wrong story. Some people deny the truth because it is inconvenient for them but Usui-sensei would not want such a dishonest behaviour. In the following I will state the wrong Reiki history and the truth.’35

Fiction: Usui was a Professor of a university in Kyoto, or a Dean and even a President or Doctor.

Truth: Mikao Usui did not graduate from any university. Neither did he have a doctor’s degree.

Fiction: Usui-sensei was a priest of Christianity or a professor of divinity.

Truth: He experienced various professions. He was engaged in missionary work of a religion related to Shinto, but he was not a Christian at all. Mt. Kurama is a holy place for Buddhists. A Christian would not do fasting at Mt. Kurama, and would not enter a ZEN temple.36 He studied and practised Zen for three years.37

Fiction: Usui-sensei searched for a healing method for a long period and searched the mystery of life/soul and how to use universal energy.

Truth: Usui-sensei said that healing power was given by accident during fasting and he did not know the true essence of Reiki and it is written in the “Reiki Ryoho Hikkei” that he did not search for the energy to obtain healing ability.

Fiction: Usui-sensei saw Reiki symbols during fasting. A bright light came into the centre of his head, rainbow colours appeared and then they changed into a huge white light, and golden lightening symbols in Sanskrit appeared.

Truth: Usui’s experience is written in the “Reiki Ryoho no Shiori (Reiki Ryoho handbook)”, and it does not say anything at all about this.36

Usui wrote ‘I have a hard time explaining exactly. I realise that I’ve received the ability of healing accidentally when I felt the air in mysterious way during fasting…I was not taught this method by anybody nor studying to get intuitive power.’53

Usui-sensei did not even use symbols himself.38 He developed the ‘symbols’ later to help his students to focus.39

Fiction: Chujiro Hayashi succeeded the Usui Ryoho Gakkai as the 2nd grand master. After Hayashi passed away, Hawayo Takata succeeded the Gakkai to be the third grand master

Truth: Hayashi and Takata were great grand masters of Reiki. However, there was no fact that Usui-sensei determined Hayashi as his successor. Hayashi was not the 2nd president of the Gakkai. Takata was not either.36

What has been established is that Usui had approximately 2000 students, and Usui-sensei had given Shinpi-den to 16 masters. Four have been clarified:

1. Juzaburo Ushida 1865-1935
Rear Admiral of Japan Navy
The 2nd president of Usui Reiki Ryoho Gakkai
2. Kan’ichi Taketomi 1878-1960
Rear Admiral of Japan Navy
The 3rd president of the Gakkai
3. Yoshiharu Watanabe ????-1960
School Teacher
The 4th president of the Gakkai
4. Chujiro Hayashi 1879-1940
Captain of Japan Navy
The 1st president of Hayashi Reiki Kenkyu-kai

And on and on we could go. Mikao Usui merely referred to universal energy, the life force energy inside humans – the pure light that we are – as Reiki.

Reiki was a label meaning connection with the light or universal energy within.

Usui-sensei taught, ‘The universe is me, and I am the universe. The universe exists in me, and I exist in the universe. Light exists in me, and I exist in the light.’40

He also taught that Reiki was a method based on intuitive power among the universe41 and this is carried on today in traditional Japanese Reiki where it is taught that the first spiritual awakening is an intellectual awakening with one’s consciousness. In this stage ‘it is understood in the head and not a true awakening.’
A true awakening is an intuitive understanding by Shinga (Soul/Higher Self) and to complete the unity with truth.42

We can understand from the above that in the true origins of Reiki, before the Western ego got hold of it, it was all about finding the light, the universal energy within us. It was about the ‘inner journey’ and developing the intuitive side so we could better communicate with the light or universal energy which Usui called Reiki.

Usui-sensei developed Hatsurei-ho to improve the connection with the inner light, or internal Reiki energy.43

Additionally, from the above lineage, we can see that the original Reiki developed by Usui-sensei stayed in Japan and a different form of Reiki was exported into the Western world.

Also Usui-sensei did not use symbols, nor was he ‘given’ symbols in some divine encounter. He developed what have become known as symbols later on, as a tool to help members of the Japanese Navy and his students focus on the inner journey, and in conjunction with the mantras help them to connect with the light (Reiki) within.

The Japanese Navy was one of the main avenues through which Reiki expanded in the early years.44

Usui-sensei created the distant healing system using the resonance feature between the symbol and Kotodama (mantra) energy and said: ‘Human being has a natural gift to resonate with universe if he aims it in his mind. I want you to grow enough to be able to do distant healing without symbol and Kotodama (mantra) that I taught.’45

Today in traditional Japanese Reiki teachings, symbols (focusing aids) are taught in the same context as ‘supporting wheels of a bicycle.’46 In other words, when a person has grown enough spiritually and can rely on their inner light they should stop using the symbols/focusing aids, just as a child takes the stabilisers off their bike when it has enough confidence in its own ability to ride it without falling off.

It is also taught that symbols should be used as a tool and one should not misunderstand their function, and that searching for additional symbols or regarding symbols as a holy thing is meaningless.46

In Gendai Reiki-ho, students learn the symbols and are taught to aim at ‘NO SYMBOL USE’ status. It further teaches that you can replace the 3rd symbol with the image of the Sun and the 4th symbol with the image of White Light.47

Additionally, it is taught ‘You must not mislead yourself into believing that the symbols themselves have any power and rely upon them. Otherwise you are worshiping only the images and not the reality; you have to overcome this limitation eventually, because it is like a hurdle.’48

Students are encouraged to become a light symbol or a symbol of the light.49

It is also taught that it is important in ‘healing’ to apply one’s hands without any control of the mind and that if you try to make useless effort to concentrate, other kinds of power may be mixed in. If we are to receive the higher dimension of universal energy we need to relax and open our minds and trust the universe.50

Here we have confirmation in traditional Japanese Reiki of the importance of ‘Allowing’ in healing, taking the mind out of the equation, and that if we use the mind, aka ego, then other lower energies may come into the healing equation. Which is exactly what we have been discussing in this series of articles.

So it is a fallacy that people involved in Reiki cannot attract negative energies. If the intellect comes in, in any shape or form, so too do negative energies. Like I mentioned in Chapter One, healing is all about ALLOWING. Allowing energies higher than the intellect to get on with the job at hand.It would appear that some Western Reiki Masters have offended the keepers of traditional Reiki in Japan, who feel there is a limit to Western Reiki.51

This I can readily understand. In original Usui Reiki Ryoho, after a student receives the ‘first level’, the student has to practise for many years and must show increased spiritual ability to their sensei before the second level is even considered and offered them.52

Compare this with the ‘get-rich-and-become-enlightened-overnight-with-Me-guru’ approach of many Western Reiki Masters who offer ‘Mastership over Spirituality’ in a weekend! And compare this also to some who are now aliens – but as we now know, only alien to the light and truth.

It is only when we connect with the light within that we can possibly hope to connect with the reflected light without. For if we cannot recognize what it is we are looking for, we will never find it outside of ourselves in the convoluted mish-mash of imbalanced energies we have created over time.

As I mentioned in Chapter One, we cannot camp at the base of a mountain and expect to wake up at the top the next day. Sadly, too many people do believe they can become holders of the truth over night, or by reading some book or other.

The journey to the top of the mountain is the journey inwards towards the light that we are and the light that is all things. There is only one truth – the light – and as we dig through the darkness of the illusion we begin to find this one same truth behind many disguises today.So we can see that the truth never varies and is quite simple. It is all about finding the light within, the convergence of the soul through its inner journey towards the light that we are. It is about allowing. Nothing complicated at all.

We can see, just as Jesus’ teachings have been altered and manipulated beyond recognition over time, so too have the origins of Reiki, as have the origins of Freemasonry and Initiatic science and many other teachings too.

The ego and the intellect have merely externalised the truth of these methods and made it complex and difficult to achieve by placing divinity beyond the capability of humans, when in truth, we are all immortal humans and we are all capable of achieving Christ consciousness in the physical body through the inner journey, the baptism of the soul with the inner light – the resurrection.

Only THEY do not want us to know this, for in realising this simple truth means we no longer buy into the illusion and can no longer be controlled. In effect, our NEED for THEM disappears and with it so does their power and the illusion and all its heinous thought forms, for without our imbalanced energy fields to keep them alive, they cannot survive.

This is simplicity in itself. Harmony restored, consciousness balanced both in and out; Paradise or Heaven in the physical reality, the perfect reflection of the light and love we are.

And now we can fully appreciate the importance of the Assemblage Point in the resurrection of the soul and how important it is to have the A.P. unblocked at the rear of the heart chakra and the flow corrected both front and back if we are to redeem our consciousness in this physical reality!

We understand now that the soul is not who we truly are. It is merely a reflection of the light we are, though we have come to realise that today it is merely a distorted reflection of the light we are.

So just as with Reiki symbols, if we focus on the soul, we are focusing on the image and the reflection and not on the true reality, which is the light being that we are. The soul is just memory, consciousness, it is awareness. A soul that has become trapped in the illusory afterlife, the false spirit world, is merely a soul that has become imbalanced in the physical body and is now an imbalanced energy, or memory, existing in the consciousness of the Earth, within the physical/astral vibrations of one to nine (1-9).

These lost souls, along with the thought form energies we have created over time – imbalanced energies – are the reason for the disease in the Earth’s consciousness, the karmic imbalance that we inherit when we incarnate. A disease, or imbalance, that affects each and every living entity in this physical reality, especially human beings.

As the science of biophysics has discovered, physical illness begins in the energy fields first and foremost. On a cellular level, when the energy field or consciousness of the physical cell becomes breached by imbalanced energies, the physical cell then becomes unhealthy too.

Exactly the same process applies to us humans. When our energy fields become breached by these lost souls or thought forms – imbalanced energies from the external consciousness – then our soul/consciousness, and consequently our physical health, suffers too.

To begin the convergence of our soul and our spirit in this physical reality all we need to do on a daily basis is reaffirm to ourselves that we are the light and we are the light that is all things. We can do this quite simply in the following way:

I thank the light that I am and the light that is all things living. I am looking within to the light that I am for the answers, and my conscious awareness of this communication with my true self is increasing every day.

I ask the light that I am and the light that is all things living to help me and protect me at all times.

I ask the light that I am and the light that is all things living to guide me and show me from time to time what I need to know to help to bring my consciousness back towards balance.

I ask the light that I am and the light that is all things living to help me in this physical reality to release my imbalances and help me to face my fears and dissolve them and purify them in the light that I am.

I ask the light that I am and the light that is all things living to help me to keep my physical and spiritual body clean and balanced at all times.

I ask the light that I am and the light that is all things living to help me to I ask the light that I am and the light that is all things living to guide me and show me what I need to do to help improve the collective consciousness of humans and become more aware of the illusion and therefore more aware of the truth and light that I am.

I ask the light that I am and the light that is all things living to help me keep grounded and balanced between all the aspects that I am in this physical body.

In addition we can use a very simple visualisation. Imagine the light or the sun in the centre of our heart and then imagine this light growing and expanding outwards until it surrounds the whole of our body.

This reaffirms the correct flow of energy from within to without and helps to keep the Assemblage Point flowing correctly after it has been aligned and cleared of any blockage or external connections.

Connection with the inner light and being able to recognise the difference between the light and the illusion provides us with the wherewithal to help ‘lost souls’ through meditation, or through what is referred to today as ‘soul retrieval’.

We can only help lost souls – and ourselves for that matter – if we can distinguish the light from the illusion, otherwise we have no idea where we are leading them, or ourselves.

As I mentioned in Chapter Six, as our awareness of our connection with the light improves and we begin that inner tuition, we will be guided towards the best way we can share this truth.

As in healing, it is all about ‘allowing’, allowing energies higher than the intellect to come through and communicate with us through intuition. If we allow, we will be guided correctly. If we impose the mind and the will, such as saying I am going to meditate and help these lost souls return home, this is ego, and we may well achieve nothing.

Conversely, if we just allow, and it is right for us that we help a lost soul or do a particular distant healing at a particular moment in time, then the opportunity will present itself as and when it is right to do so.

This is part of our learning so we can reap the greatest possible benefit. We must allow our light to guide us and show us what we need to learn and do from time to time, for our light, our higher self knows far better than our mind or our emotions.

By integrating our soul inwardly towards the light and by becoming more aware of the illusion and what is truly going on, our higher dimensional selves naturally begin to do more constructive work in these dimensions to help to combat the imbalances in the physical and astral realities.

Again, if we are unsure all we need to do is ask the light for help. Such as: if it is appropriate at this moment in time, I ask the light to help guide ***** lost soul/s to return home, or: I ask if it is right and appropriate at this time to send the light to ***** to help with *****. If we leave the decision up to the light and our higher dimensional self – just as we should allow in healing – and take our conscious mind out of the equation, what is required at the time for the benefit of all, will indeed take place.

As we become more integrated with the light within, we begin to know what to do without thinking, because it just happens and it feels right. Looking within, allowing and listening to our intuition is the key to spirituality and the expansion of our inner light outwards and into the Earth’s consciousness.

This is the main way we contribute towards bringing the Earth’s consciousness back into health and balance. Another is through our actions and our words. However, it must be restated, when we are helping a lost soul, we are not helping a human being per se, the soul is consciousness, it is just a ‘memory’ of human physical life and because it has become imbalanced during its physical life, it has become lost in the greater imbalance of the illusory afterlife.

An illusory afterlife some people today would have us believe is actually the true spirit world. Today we have many books on the subject of Lost Souls and their interpretation of the Spirit World. Information derived from regressive hypnotherapy which as we know can open up dialogue with these ‘lost soul’ attachments, bypassing the consciousness of the individual, yet still portrayed as some form of past life experience of the individual themselves.

Additionally we have ‘channelled’ information from so-called spirit guides, such as in the book, Life In The World Unseen. The majority of these books infer that the information contained therein comes from souls who exist in the true spirit world, but in fact the information comes directly from the counterfeit spirit world – the illusory afterlife – the spirit world of ‘lost souls’.

This information, honestly shared in some cases and dishonestly in others, appeals to the emotional body, the domain of the ego, and ‘prepares’ us and conditions us into believing in the appearance of the counterfeit spirit world. Then when we DO leave the physical body, we see exactly what we have been conditioned to see and therefore would EXPECT to see.

So the soul therefore, will more readily buy into the illusory afterlife. There is absolutely no comparison between the true spirit world and the world represented in some of these books.

There are no schools or hierarchies in the Light. There is no need to ‘train and improve’ the intellect or our intelligence because in the true Spirit Realm we ‘feel’ what is right and we ‘know’ from feeling through the heart centre everything that needs to be known. When we return our soul/consciousness (awareness) to the light being we truly are we experience everything, because as a light being, we ARE everything too.

This is exactly how we learn from the inner journey. We take our awareness, our soul if you like, to the place from where we originate – the true Spirit World.

From here we teach ourselves through inner tuition (intuition) what we need to know from time to time in this physical reality. This learning, or more correctly, this remembering of who we are whilst we are in the physical body, comes from experiencing the unconditional love and light that we are as we exist in the true Spirit World.

As the light being we are, we know everything anyway, so why on earth would we need to be taught anything, especially through the intellect? How can we be taught something through intellect when the intellect cannot possibly hope to understand energies higher than itself?

This is why books describing the false spirit world talk about improving the intellect and our intelligence. Understanding and learning comes from the heart centre, through experiencing the unconditional love that we all are. Therefore, the true spirit world, the world of light, does not have intellect; it has too low a vibration to enter this world. The intellect cannot possibly exist in the purity and light of the true Spirit Realm.

Therefore, what we are doing here by helping lost souls back to the true world of Spirit is that we are leading imbalanced energies into the light where they can be purified.

This process naturally helps to bring the overall consciousness of the Earth into a more balanced state. That means there are less negative energies to cleave to people enjoying a physical life and so there would be less chance of a person’s consciousness becoming tarnished by these energies born out of belief in the illusion.

Facilitating spirituality is all about what comes out of one’s mouth. That is, do we spread the disease, or the healing – Truth or Lie? Do we resonate with the vibration of 1-9 – the illusion, or the vibration of 10 – Spirit and Light? Hell or Paradise? It is our choice!

And the consequences we face in the afterlife are a direct result of the choices we make in this physical reality. They are our own responsibility and blame does not lie with anybody else but us. It is time for us all to embrace the light that we are and the light that is all things living.

It is time to be humbled by its, and our own, immense presence and unconditional love. It is time for us to say that I welcome the light that I am to come forth from within and flow through my body and into the darkness we have surrounded ourselves with.

It is time for the light to bring illumination back into the physical reality, and with it will come balance and the unconditional love of all living things. This would be Paradise in the physical reality and freedom for every lost soul, and bye-bye to the imbalanced thought forms, the disease of the physical/astral world we are here to heal.



“Not even
the wisest sage
nor the most compassionate friend
nor the profoundest text
can guide you
more truly
than your spirit
in total harmony with